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About insider trading

What is an “Insider”?

As defined by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), an insider is an officer, director or large shareholder (owning more than 10% of the shares of a company) of a publicly traded corporation.
Corporate insiders have access to a load of material and non-public information, such as company sales, expansion plans, addition or loss of major customers, product development, etc. These insiders may have an opinion regarding future events that will impact stock prices.


Is insider trading legal?

Yes. Insiders can buy and sell shares of their company at all times.
Trading by insiders must be reported to the SEC usually within 2 business days. This report is publicly available.



What makes services unique?

Unlike other services that rely on software to select a wide array of picks without validating their relevance, we conduct a thorough manual analysis of each and every pick that we offer. Furthermore, the performance of each of our picks is calculated according to the closing price of the day, upon which an alert is sent to our members, unlike other services that use the top or bottom price of the day to boost their results. provides its customers with the end-to-end information required to make each of their investment decisions as simple as possible.

How can I know if you are a serious company?

We accept payment by credit card via PayPal’s Secure Server and therefore have no access to your credit card information. Our business is a member of Paypal Verified Business. You can pay with confidence.

More importantly, our site has been approved  by the Online Business Bureau.

Are you a financial adviser or a broker?

Neither. I am a professional investor with over 25 years of sound experience in the stock market.

Do the companies that you recommend employ you?

No. I do not promote any company. I work for members.

What is your track record?

On our home page, simply enter your email address and you will have access to all the past transactions for which our members have received alerts. You will see for yourself the continuing success from which our members have benefited.


About our services

Is it required that I check my mail box during the day?

No. Since this is not a day trading system or short-term swing trading, orders will usually be forwarded to your broker the next day or even several days later without having a significant impact on results.

How many picks can be held in a portfolio at once?

In our small-cap portfolio, you will usually find between 25 and 40 stocks.
In our mid- to large-cap portfolio, you will generally find between 10 and 20 picks. Market conditions may influence the number of positions held in the portfolios.

Is it easy to copy your portfolio?

Yes. It is very easy to copy our portfolio. If you buy the stock the same day of the alert, you may obtain it at roughly the same price as that of our portfolio. For our statistical purposes, we use the purchase or sale price as the closing price of the day to calculate yields. Our yields are real and easy to reproduce.

Does your system require a large investment of time?

No. You will need only 5 minutes every day to manage your account and place an order with your broker when necessary.

On which stock markets are your picks being exchanged?

All of our picks are traded on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ.

Will you tell us exactly when to buy and sell your picks?

Yes. Same-day alerts will be emailed to you whenever we add or sell stocks in our portfolio.

How do I pay for my subscription?

PayPal will automatically debit the cost of the subscription from your account. Our site is secured, you can pay with confidence.


About our system

Why do you separate your picks in 2 portfolios?

Each investor has a different level of tolerance to risk. It is therefore important for investors to meet this criterion to achieve their investment objectives.

It will be possible for an investor with a greater tolerance to market variations to build a company portfolio with smaller capitalization stocks. His titles will be subject to greater volatility but in return, offer a higher yield potential.

A company portfolio with medium to large capitalization stocks will enable more cautious investors to build a portfolio of titles with similar criteria and offer the same advantages brought by insiders while limiting volatility and risk.

How do I get started once I have subscribed to your service?

We encourage our customers to discover our ”game plan”, in the “Members Section” of our website, to become familiar with our system and avoid blindly jumping both feet into the traps of stock investing. Then, by viewing our portfolio and learning about the tips we offer, you can confidently begin choosing the tips that will more likely meet your investment criteria. By following a few simple rules, whether you are a beginner in the stock market or an experienced investor, week after week you will build your All Star Stock Portfolio.

To get the maximum out of your system, what is the minimum size requirement for my stock investment account?

The ideal size is one that will allow you to diversify your portfolio to limit risks. We recommend to NEVER invest more than 5% of your account in one of our picks.

For instance, if you recommend 8 titles per month, should I buy all of them to respect your system and ensure profitability?

NO. Even if all our picks offer substantially the same potential, the key is to build a diversified portfolio. You will hold the majority of your titles between 3 and 18 months. The number of stocks in your portfolio will vary over time.

How many picks do you recommend per month?

Out of a maximum of one pick a week in each of our two portfolios, you will receive between 5 and 8 investment tips each month.

Which criteria lead you to choose a given stock for your portfolio?

Our first buy signal is an adequate analysis of insider purchases. However, our approach is a well-kept secret.


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Opened positions Closed positions Winning trades Average profit %
(per trade)
2010 60 49 49 67 %
2011 56 72 67 42 %
2012 56 46 45 30 %
2013 40 45 42 30 %
2014 39 29 27 25 %
Average per year 53 53 51 (96 %) 42 %

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