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Some Interesting Buys by Insiders

Some Interesting Buys by Insiders

The stock market has been a passion of mine and I am very proud to have founded I have put years of stock market experience and thousands of hours of research together to create this stock picking service. When I look for possible investments in the stock universe, catalysts must be present. In the stock market language, catalysts are facts, news or information that creates a pricing trend in a security. With years of experience I have developed my strategy which identifies key catalysts which, when combined and analyzed, clearly indicate buying opportunities that allow amazing results.

Out of the 15,000 stocks in the U.S., my sole purpose is to discover the future winners that have the ultimate risk/reward characteristics of undervaluation, rapid growth, solid business, and catalyst like a company that has a huge stock buyback program, a stock that is a short squeeze candidate or a stock driven by an activist. Those situations could act as catalysts to propel the stock price skyward. And most importantly these stocks have to be supported by recent insider buying.


Today I made this list of stocks where insiders have recently been buyers. I then use these stocks as a good starting point to find the next big winner.





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