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My stock investing strategy

I am a committed investor, I make a VERY good living from researching stocks and diligently auditing stock investing strategies.  My experience shows that using Insider Trading filings from the SEC wisely has proven to be the undisputed champion strategy amongst a litany of glass jawed contenders.  The biggest barrier to success in converting SEC Insider Trading filings into money is finding those golden nuggets of significant information hidden deep inside the overwhelming mountains of dead-end  information.

My method means sifting through the fine print of hundreds of filings on a daily basis.  I am focused on open market share purchases by C-level execs, board members and corporate directors.  Events like clusters of purchases from more than three designated insiders of significant amounts over a short period may escalate intentions of buying or selling a particular title. Of all the stock investing strategies out there, analyzing SEC published Insider Trading filings has accelerated my financial growth faster than any other path that I have tried.


Some Key Components to My Stock Investing Strategy

  • Open Market Purchases: When an Insider goes through the trouble of making an open market purchase, you know he really wants that stock.
  • Buys, not Sells: My research has concluded that this industry adage is true.  Insider Buys are more telling than Insider Sells.
  • Clustering and Consensus: When a cluster of Insiders comes to the same conclusion – it indicates a number of units from the same organization are convinced stock values will increase.
  • Quality of the Insider: Not all Insiders have access to the bigger picture, usually the higher up you go, the wider your field of vision – and, therefore, the quality of information you have to base your purchase on.
  • Bigger is Better: When an insider goes “all-in,” you know they sense positive results.
  • Historical Results: Maybe the CFO is a great finance guy, but misfires on his investments, I keep score of hits and misses for certain individual Insiders.


I don’t rush into any purchases just because some Key Transaction Indicators are triggered. I seek to identify good businesses with sound balance sheets selling at bargain prices. As defined by the value investing concept, I want to buy securities, with shares that seem underpriced, using some sort of fundamental analysis. As examples, such stocks that trade at discount to book value or tangible book value, have high dividend yields, good free cash flow, low debt, low price-to-earning multiples or low price-to-book ratios…

What I do is look for stocks that have both a low valuation and heavy insider buying.

I have found that the best stock picking system combines all two indicators in one. This system consistently identifies the stocks that go up the most in the shortest amount of time.

I continue to dig deeper until I am confident that the opportunity fits my overall stock investing strategy.

My goal is the same as yours: to build my portfolio into a stable of winning stocks that consistently outperform the market.  I have my stable filled with horses that are winners, and you can too.

I encourage you to audit my previous performances for free, or subscribe to my fully annotated feed of current and ongoing transactions so you can better understand the outstanding success that I have enjoyed for many years of turning SEC Insider Trading Filings into investment beacons.

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Opened positions Closed positions Winning trades Average profit %
(per trade)
2010 60 49 49 67 %
2011 56 72 67 42 %
2012 56 46 45 30 %
2013 40 45 42 30 %
2014 39 29 27 25 %
Average per year 53 53 51 (96 %) 42 %

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