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You have fantastic insider information and I love how you track the insider $$$. This is a concept I believed in for many years but was never quite accurate in telling the players from the pretenders. Michael
I'm impressed with the work that you do. Regards. Darren
Thank you and your service is great. Russ
Thanks as you are helping a young guy build a retirement rather than getting ripped up in a mutual fund. Mike
By the way, I love your service and hope your around for a very long time. Long enough for my dad's portfolio turned around from poor investment to something that is more green coloured :-) At the beginning it was difficult to invest in something because of an alert. So I would do further research with your picks to comfort myself. After a few nice returns I find myself at ease. Thank you, Paul Paul
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Opened positions Closed positions Winning trades Average profit %
(per trade)
2010 60 49 49 67 %
2011 56 72 67 42 %
2012 56 46 45 30 %
2013 40 45 42 30 %
2014 39 29 27 25 %
Average per year 53 53 51 (96 %) 42 %

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