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I went over your game plan, your recommendations (very impressed with your selections, reasoning and analysis) Justin
I just took a look at your first dozen open positions. Forgive me, but I thought they were all probably losses on paper, so weren't sold. Was I wrong. Checked current price on each, and avg gain is over 16%....guess you have found your calling. Mike.C
Hello, I have been with stockinvestingpicks for over a year and I am very satisfied with the results. This doesn't mean that I have not been on an emotional rollercoaster, because I have! . When My friend and I first signed up at the beginning of last year, things were great, then the correction in May hit and our average share price plummeted. Having read Mike's game plan and the tips & tricks we weathered the storm and low and behold when things turned around, prices started to rise and we started selling the earlier picks for profit, the first series we sold at the end of the year were good, but the 18 we have sold so far this year have an average gain of 40% . I currently have 41 stocks in my portfolio, I prefer to purchase all stock picks so I don't miss out on the high flyers, also the odd dog doesn't hurt as much. I have sold 30 stocks to date with this system for an average of 30% gain per share and happy to say that only 1 was sold at a loss. I suppose if I were to share any great wisdom from my adventure so far in this system, it would be to stick to the game plan and be patient, stocks that had taken over a 20% loss did turn around and were sold for a gain ! Mike's words of wisdom ring truer as I experience the situations he describes , amazing ! Tim
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Opened positions Closed positions Winning trades Average profit %
(per trade)
2010 60 49 49 67 %
2011 56 72 67 42 %
2012 56 46 45 30 %
2013 40 45 42 30 %
2014 39 29 27 25 %
Average per year 53 53 51 (96 %) 42 %

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