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The stock picking system

Everybody thinks they have a plan for stock investing. Most plans go like this: Step 1) Listen to Analyst recommendations from broadcast, print or online sources for “hot” stock picks. Step 2) Listen for breaking news that may shift the market. Step 3) Make charts, lots of them and graphs too! That plan is designed to make you feel bullish, but in reality it turns you into just another head of cattle in the herd. Graze, feed and back to the barn. Follow that plan and you will eventually get slaughtered.

My philosophy is to be a Rancher, not a cattle. The market is not simple and it has a habit of chewing up and spitting out people who approach it as such. If you come to market as a cattle using those insufficient tools, what makes you think you can outperform the market?

When you hear that the market has a way of balancing itself out, this can interpreted as stating the 90+% of investors in the game who lose or don’t make significant money equals the 90+% of the investors stuck in the herd.

So you want to be a Rancher? The first thing you have to do is get up high in your saddle to see the entire field. You have to watch and anticipate, I have learned the best way to do so is to go straight to the smart money. Insider Trading investors aren’t just reading charts, they are creating the conditions that the herd will be charting. You may not realize this, but Insiders have one thing in common with you: they want to make money with their stock purchases. The key difference is that they know more than you. They see prospective deals, they see industry trends, they see emerging technologies. I Take advantage of the fact they are just as profit motivated as me, and so should you. The corporate world calls this smart money. They are shaping the future right now, and SEC Insider Trading filings they fill out are the early distant stock picking system that tells smart Ranchers where to go for the most fertile stomping grounds.

I have been in this game for twenty-five years. It took me a while to work my way up from cattle to Rancher. The intellectual challenge was getting to the point of understanding those diamond in the rough market influencers buried deep in seemingly insignificant SEC Insider Trading filings. That only got me half way down the road. Until that point, working the market would drive me crazy. The second half the road to becoming a rancher is purely psychological. I learned to trust two friends who make me stronger, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Discipline and Patience. I rely on them to shield me from my worst enemy: Emotion. Now emotion doesn’t even bother knocking, because it knows it will be sent packing by my buddies: Discipline and Patience.

A rancher doesn’t keep livestock for house pets. He holds them as assets. He is disciplined with the way he feeds them, monitors their health and patient to bring them to market at their greatest value. A rancher doesn’t shed a tear when a fence post gives, he just gets down to the business of fixing it. A good rancher never needs to use Emotion in decision making when he has Discipline and Patience to inform his every decision. And once in a while, a smart rancher can turn a spooked herd into his favour.

A patient Rancher let’s each and every livestock grow into it’s own. When the herd would give up on a stock, a disciplined rancher will let get back on it’s growth curve because he purchased with Discipline and Diligence, not stock picking based on hopes, wishes and a fancy graph.

With my picking system, based on smart money, Discipline and Patience I have an edge on the retail investors getting hoofed and horned in the herd. I am following the Smart Money, and making money doing so. I have my ranch up and running, and offer you free range to audit my entire history of small and mid-large cap stock transactions since 2008 to see how I turn my Insider Trading knowledge into financial gain. If you want to see my ongoing transactions and stay current with this Rancher’s portfolio you can subscribe to my trade feed below.

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Opened positions Closed positions Winning trades Average profit %
(per trade)
2010 60 49 49 67 %
2011 56 72 67 42 %
2012 56 46 45 30 %
2013 40 45 42 30 %
2014 39 29 27 25 %
Average per year 53 53 51 (96 %) 42 %

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